Hello! And welcome to my website. I just wanted to share with those that are interested my amateur films, photos and interest in the natural world.


A little about me...


I was raised in the Somerset countryside and developed an interest and love of nature from an early age. Growing up we kept a large array of domestic animals including a pony, ducks, cats, geese, hamsters and chickens, of which the chickens were my absolute favourite. I would spend hours analysing their every feather ruffle!  


I went on to study Biological Sciences at the University of Birmingham and following this, worked for 6 years for a number of leading London advertising agencies. As often as was feasible during this time I would take sabbaticals, enabling me to undertake research programmes in Kenya and Madagascar, and I revelled in the incredible wildlife that both countries offer.


Following a wildlife filmmaking internship with Africa Media in 2014 and subsequently living on a reserve in South Africa for 3 months, I started creating my own amateur wildlife films and have just completed a masters in Wildlife Filmmaking at the University of the West of England, with the aim to make a career in this industry. 


Wish me luck!


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