Elephant Boundaries

In 2014, I spent 3 months living on a game reserve in South Africa. Whilst there, I gained a real love for the elephants but I could see the damage they were causing in the reserve.


This film examines the effects that elephants being kept in a restricted space are impacting on the environment.

There is so much that we in the Western world don't know about the devastating illegal industry that is rhino poaching.


I wanted to create a short film that looked into the how and why, and the shocking insight of what becomes of the rhino itself.

Rhino poaching - the reality

Hunt for the brown hyena

In 2014, I was lucky enough to spend 10 days on Schotia Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape of South Africa as part of a wildlife film-making course with Africa Media. It was one of the best months of my life as I got to learn how to film and edit for the first time and, of course, be around some of the most incredible animals on the planet.


This film is about my hunt for the illusive brown hyena thought to live in the reserve.

Squirrel man

Squirrels really divide the nation...there are those that think they're cute little animals, and there are others that see them as vermin.


This is one man's interesting account of why he believes we should give squirrels a chance.

Below are some short films that I have produced.


A good friend of mine, Rob Handy, is developing an Edible Food Forest.


In this video he describes what an Edible Food Forest is, what the challenges are and why it is so worthwhile.

The Edible Garden

Rhino Poaching - the ones that survived

Alice Roberts: In her own words

20 rhino were relocated from 2 reserves in the Eastern Cape and taken to a high security destination due to a recent poaching incident. 

This short film looks at the lesser known effects of the rhino poaching crisis.

I was lucky enough to chat to Professor Alice Roberts (anatomist, osteoarchaeologist, physical anthropologist, palaeopathologist, television presenter and author!) in a beautiful wood near where she lives.


In this short Q&A film she talks about her inspirations, gender stereotyping, women in science, and what (on earth!) she still has left to achieve.

The Sea and Me

Growing up on an isolated Norwegian island surrounded by water, the sea flows through your veins.

To many that live there, the ocean is just their  work-place.

But to one woman, it is so much more.

‘The Sea and Me’ invites the viewer to meet Grethe Hillersoy as she reminisces about the challenges of growing up in a small island community. We see how these are reconciled through her relationship with the natural world and watch as she shares with her neighbours the incredible beauty that can be found close-by.

Grethe will take us beneath the surface, to share her story.

Thabo's Tale 

I have been lucky enough to spend a lot of time on the most beautiful (I may be slightly biased!) game reserve in South Africa 

Hopewell Game Reserve in the Eastern cape is home to a unique cheetah, by the tame of Thabo. 

This is a light-hearted look at his life.

Why would you catch a cheetah and drive for 19 hours just to release it elsewhere?

Worldwide, the unstoppable growth of the human population is putting pressure on wildlife habitats. 

The same is true in Africa. We are so used to seeing films and images of cheetahs, but incredibly there are only 7,000 cheetah left in the wild! To put that into perspective, there are some villages in England with higher human populations.

This film explores how South Africa are now having to manage their cheetah populations as a way of dealing with the inbreeding brought about by habitat fragmentation.

Cheetahs on the Move