In 2014, I spent 3 months living on a beautiful reserve in South Africa. Below are some short clips I filmed whilst there, showing animal behavour that I found particularly interesting.

Teenage elephant teases the hippos

I love this clip of Millenium, the teenage elephant, teasing the hippos who believe this waterhole is theirs!

The male lion gives up

There is only one male lion on Schotia reserve, but his arch enemy lives just next door. This clip shows him patrolling the boundary fence, but it is clear that never being able to actually follow through on his challenges is a big frustration. 


Wrestling teenage elephant falls down hole

Millenium, the teenage male elephant is play fighting with an older male. I love it how he is casually snatching mouthfuls of vegetation inbetween charges, and then manages to embarass himself by tripping in a warthog hole.

Lion roaring

I can't believe the incredible power behind a lion's roar. It can be heard from 5 miles away!

Nyalas sizing each other up

This display is how Nyala bulls assert their dominance. The technical term is ‘piloerection’ and it's where they raise their dorsal hair-fringe and fluff up their tails to appear larger. Unlike many herbivores that fight each other for territory or females, nyala bulls almost always resolve the conflict without coming to blows.

The brown hyena

The first time I came to Africa, the brown hyena was one of the animals I most wanted to see. But despite making a short film about my hunt to find it, I only ever got a glimpse of one on camera trap footage. That was great, but I was desperate to see them first-hand, and on another trip I was lucky enough to have this amazing sighting.

Lions walking in the mist

One day the mist came down so thick we thought we wouldn't have any animal sightings that day. But actually it created the perfect cover for the lions who used it to their advantage to get as close to their prey as possible.